Ways To Move More At The Office

Ways To Move More At The Office

According to an article by Business Insider, 86% of Americans sit all day at work. Sitting at your desk for a full day can be horrible for your body. The aches and pains you are experiencing during and outside of work hours can be directly related to the lack of movement during your work day. Here are some tips to avoid pain & move more at work!

Tips To Avoid Pain & Move More At The Office

  • Get a Better Chair: Choose to sit in a chair that gives you better posture, avoid slouching and leaning over into your desk or computer screen. 
  • Stand While You Read: Reading an email? Do it standing! If you make a point to stand up while reading articles, emails, memos etc. you will spend less and less time in your chair. 
  • Walk Around While Taking Calls: If you need to stay directly in front of a screen during a call, do it standing. Otherwise, try to walk around outside, in the conference room or even back and forth in your office while taking calls. 

Use a Bounce Ball As a Chair: Trendy offices are replacing desk chairs with large bounce balls. This shouldn’t be your long term chair replace, since there is no support for your posture, but it’s a nice alternative to sitting in your desk chair for a portion of the day.

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