Tips For Dealing With Lower Back Pain

Tips for dealing with lower back pain

Lower Back Pain is the most common cause of disability for people under age of 45, robs our society of $50 Billion each and every year.  Not only does it hurt but it steals the joy from our lives as we’re forced to pass up playing with our children and grandchildren, miss critical days from work, and become less and less active. All of which can lead to a downward spiral of weight gain, the loss of our job, and many ties ending in depression.

Typical Causes of Lower Back Pain & How to Relieve the Pain

  • Incorrect Posture: For those who work in an office at desk or are sitting most of the day in a car and even those who are in the service industry standing and walking, this is a common cause of lower back pain. Start paying more attention to the chair you are using at work. How do your shoulders, hips and feet align when your standing? Are you straight up or hunching more to one side? Correcting your posture can avoid pain in the neck, hips, lower back and shoulders over time. 
  • Strenuous Activity: Have you tried a new exercise recently? Are you lifting heavy materials? A common cause of lower back pain is some type of strain. A warm bath and hot/cold compress can be a quick pain reliever for this. 
  • Kidney Problems: If your back pain is not going away with treatments from a chiropractor, it may be time to see your physician. If you are experiencing darkening of the urine, changes in frequency of urination and blood in the urine – immediately see a doctor. 

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