Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Spine Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Spine Pain

Jul 02, 2021

Chiropractic treatment for back and spine pain involves hands-on manipulation of the spine. The chiropractor uses controlled sudden force to relieve back pain, restore spinal function and prevent further injury.

Types and Causes of Back Pain

1. Discogenic back pain

When the discs between the vertebrae herniate, tear, bulge or extrude this type of back pain occurs. It is caused by activities like coughing, sneezing, sitting or bending forward which increase pressure within the intervertebral disc. This type of back pain mainly affects middle-aged or elderly people. In young people, discogenic back pain is caused by disc degeneration.

2. Myalgia pain or Muscle-related back pain

It is a type of back pain that is localized to a single area and does not radiate to other parts of the body. You feel this back pain when twisting or bending to the side.

Myalgia is caused by:

  • Poor posture
  • Strain
  • Repetitive motions
  • Lifting things too heavy for you
  • Not lifting things correctly
  • Being in a car accident

3. Joint-related back pain

This is a type of dull ache that the patient feels when bending backward or to the side. This pain occurs when the facet joints are restricted or degenerated. The pain spreads outwards from the source and affects the lower back, shoulders and the back of the skull.

When to See a Chiropractor for Back Pain

You must make an appointment with a chiropractor near you for back and spine treatment in the situations below.

i. When then back pain generates from the hard tissues like the spine and joints, spinal manipulation is required to treat the pain.
ii. A disc may bulge out of place or intrude on the space that is normally filled by a nerve. The nerve becomes pinched and is unable to maintain communication with the brain. This will require chiropractic adjustment to treat.
iii. You should see a chiropractor in Manhattan, KS when other forms of therapy and treatments have failed to relieve your pain.

Types of Chiropractic Adjustments

There are several types of chiropractic adjustments and techniques to treat and ease back pain performed by the chiropractor in 66503. Some of them are:

a) The activator method. The chiropractor uses a small hand device known as an activator. This method focuses on restoring motion to the spinal vertebrae.
b) Thompson drop-table technique. The chiropractor uses this technique to restore normal nerve function, relieve pain, and increase the function of the patient’s body.
c) Diversified technique. It is a technique that restores the patient’s spinal alignment thereby increasing the patient’s range of motion. This involves applying thrusts to different areas of the spine using the hands.
d) Flexion-distraction treatments. This treatment helps to relieve pressure off injured or dysfunctional spinal nerves.
e) Logan basic treatment. The chiropractor applies pressure on a particular spot on the sacral bone to relieve tension from the back muscles.
f) Gonstead adjustment. This technique restores normal disc alignment.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

When you visit a chiropractor for lower back pain near you, you are assured of these benefits:

  1. Chiropractic treatment eases back pain by spinal manipulation.
  2. The adjustments correct back pain caused by poor posture.
  3. Spine realignment improves the body’s immunity by correcting how the nervous system functions.
  4. Chiropractic therapy results in reduction of stomach problems by assisting the thoracic spine nerves to work properly.

Chiropractic Adjustment Side Effects

Chiropractic adjustments performed in a chiropractic clinic in Manhattan are safe since licensed professionals perform them. Most patients feel instant relief after chiropractic back and spine treatment but a few experience some of the side effects below.

  1. Mild aching and soreness in the muscles and spinal joints occurs for a few hours after treatment but lasts no more than twenty-four hours. A cool compressor helps alleviate these side effects.
  2. A herniated disk or an existing herniated disk becoming worse.
  3. Compression of nerves in the lower spinal column
  4. After chiropractic adjustments, your blood flow increases so that toxins are removed from your body’s system. This may lead to a mild headache, slight fever, feeling drowsy, nausea and sniffling.

The Chiropractor in Manhattan, KS does not recommend chiropractic therapy for all patients. Patients with the issues below are not ideal candidates for chiropractic care.

i. Patients who use anticoagulants.
ii. Anyone with severe osteoporosis.
iii. Those who have cancer in the spine.
iv. Suffering from inflammatory arthritis disqualifies you from receiving chiropractic care.
v. If you experience tingling, numbness or loss of strength in your arm or leg.
vi. People who have been diagnosed with spinal cord compression.

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