The Benefits Of A Chiropractor For Young Athletes

The Benefits Of A Chiropractor For Young Athletes

Jan 16, 2020

Athletes in today’s sport programs are training harder and working on their craft for longer, more rigorous hours than ever before. If you have a child in athletics, you are aware of the pressure that is put on them to specialize and focus on one sport in order to get into great schools or on better teams. These young athletes have a greater risk of injury and Chiropractic specialists have the best knowledge to treat these cases. Here are the benefits of a Chiropractor for younger athletes.


It’s normal for young athletes to experience fatigue, muscle soreness and normal wear and tear, throughout the sports season. Younger bodies are often misunderstood and thought of as more resilient, however, with little rest between games and practice normal wear and tear can increase over time. With extensive knowledge of sports related injuries, Chiropractors that specialize in Sport Medicine can help decrease recovery time and prevent long term weakness in joints and muscles.


When it comes to injuries, your Chiropractor will practice some basic techniques in order to help reduce pain and repair. Along with providing the care necessary to relieve young athletes of injuries, the doctor will provide information on how to avoid it in the future. Educating young athletes on the best ways to prevent sports related injuries is a key benefit of regular care from a Sport Medicine Chiropractor. Their knowledge and understanding about the health of your body as a whole can be a very valuable life lesson for a young athlete.

By enhancing mechanical motion and adjusting joint segments that are having difficulty with movement, your chiropractor can help get you back to the game. Different techniques including “soft tissue techniques” will improve the blood flow and muscle tone throughout the injured areas. This can also decrease the built up adhesions that develop around the injured areas of the body. The goal of the variety of techniques used in Chiropractic Sports Medicine is to reduce inflammation, pain levels and decrease recovery time for young athletes.


As a parent, you may be worrisome about giving your child too many pain medications for their sport related injuries, tears and sore muscles. With regular Chiropractor visits, you can avoid having them load up on pain medications. With non-invasive, medication free treatments, a chiropractor can help your young athlete recover and have the knowledge to avoid injuries in the future.


Chiropractic treatments for young athletes can also help them grow stronger and enhance their performance on and off the field. With regular treatments, including therapeutic stretching and exercises, a young athlete will benefit from strong joints and muscles. Many Chiropractors also include nutrition counseling in their services with patients. This is helpful in helping a young athlete understand what they should be eating and how to stay healthy and fit – helping to avoid injury and fatigue. An understanding of what types of foods and exercises are needed for the level of activity you are doing on a regular basis is essential to staying strong and enhancing performance.

While you typically don’t think of services for children when you think of Chiropractors, it’s very common and very beneficial. If your child is participating in sports or is very active on a regular basis, you may notice that they have aches and pains throughout their body. Headaches, disrupted sleep patterns and general muscle fatigue and soreness can be signs that your young athlete would benefit from Chiropractic medicine. Using alignment techniques and specialized recovery exercises, they will feel great out on the field and benefit long term! Learn more about Premier Chiropractic Wellness’ services for children here and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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