Treatments for back Pain

Get Relief From a back pain doctor or chiropractor

You wake up and it’s there. You get up from your chair and it’s there. You get out of your car and it’s there. You bend over to put your little one in their crib and it’s there. A simple sneeze, cough, or just walk on the beach reminds you that you are its victim.

To those of us suffering from Lower Back Pain this sounds all too familiar. Conservative estimates reveal that Lower Back Pain, the most common cause of disability for people under age of 45, robs our society of $50 Billion each and every year. Not only does it hurt but it steals the joy from our lives as we’re forced to pass up playing with our children and grandchildren, miss critical days from work, and become less and less active. All of which can lead to a downward spiral of weight gain, the loss of our job, and many ties ending in depression.

When suffering from the effects of Lower Back Pain, there comes a point of decision as to what do we do? The ease of reaching for the bottle of Advil, Tylenol, or a host of other prescription or non-prescription medications is very attractive, and the “relief,” albeit temporary, is very tempting. However, we’ve been down that road a thousand times. Temporary relief. Another pill. Temporary relief. Another pill. The cycle goes on and on and we begin to wonder, “Will this ever end? Is there another way?”

A recent study published in the prestigious medical journal Spine compared chiropractic vs medical care for low back pain: Conclusions of the study revealed the group receiving chiropractic adjustments experienced a 450% increase in the number of patient fully recovered versus the medication group. In layman’s terms that means for every 2 people that fully recover with medication, 9 people fully recovered with chiropractic care!!! Get help from a back pain doctor or chiropractor.

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