Herniated Disc

As we age, different joints in the body begin to feel stress and wear. However, the issue can be more pronounced when the discs in the spine begin to suffer, as the discs provide a cushion and flexibility between the vertebrae. If you are experiencing discomfort due to a herniated disc, it’s important to seek treatment to prevent further complications and chronic pain. At Premier Chiropractic & Wellness in Manhattan, KS, we provide treatment to help you feel relief and improve your quality of life.


Understanding Spinal Disc Problems

When the discs between vertebrae of the spine are not working correctly, we you may experience less flexibility, stiffness, and pain. If the disc swells intensely and puts pressure on the nerves of the spine, it can cause the disc to break and leak. As a result, you will feel serious pain, as the vertebrae will begin to make contact.

Herniated discs become far more prevalent with time and age as the body loses flexibility. The condition commonly occurs in the lower back as well as the neck since both regions are used heavily for manual work. Herniated discs can occur due to sports, manual labor jobs, unhealthy nutrition, and excess weight. Along with that, the condition can develop from an auto accident injury or family genetics.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

Since the back includes other structures in addition to vertebrae and discs, symptoms in addition to pain can occur due to disc failure. These symptoms can include temporary paralysis below the waist, reflex sensations in the legs, bowel problems, and numbness. To prevent long-term effects, it is essential to receive treatment as soon as possible.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When you visit us, our chiropractors can help diagnose a herniated disc with a variety of procedures, such as a physical exam, MRI, or x-ray analysis. Once we determine an accurate diagnosis, we can help the disc heal so it can support the spine again. We may recommend pain treatment to provide relief in the meantime while the back is stabilized. Our chiropractor may utilize various techniques to help with your recovery. Your treatment may include spinal decompression to relieve pressure from the disc and improve circulation, stretching, massage, and manipulation of the spine to restore alignment.

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