5 Reasons Why Digital X-rays Are Better Than Traditional X-rays

5 Reasons Why Digital X-rays Are Better Than Traditional X-rays

Feb 01, 2021

Chiropractic treatment is an alternative pain relief treatment for bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues. Patients visit the chiropractor in Manhattan, KS, to be relieved of back-aches, head-aches, pain in the arms, legs, and neck. A chiropractor may treat the patient alongside convectional medical treatment from the patient’s doctor. The main goals of chiropractic treatment at Premier Chiropractic Wellness, a chiropractic health center in Manhattan, are the restoration of function, pain relief, and prevention of injury.

A chiropractor operates under the theory that when the body’s musculoskeletal structure is properly aligned, the patient’s body will heal itself without medication or surgery. They are particularly concerned with the patient’s spine. The chiropractors use hands-on manipulation to restore mobility to the joints, which are restricted by tissue injury.

Before embarking on treatment, the chiropractor asks about the patient’s health history. They carry out a thorough neurological and physical evaluation of the patient. This is required to diagnose the cause of the pain.

Treatments Chiropractors Recommend

  1. Therapeutic exercise

These are specific strengthening exercises that help to reduce pain and prevent deterioration of the muscle. They also increase the patient’s strength, stability, and motion range, prevent new injuries and promote body joints’ health.

  1. Spinal traction

Traction devices are used on areas of the spine to distract them. Spinal traction enables the vertebrae to be gently separated. This reduces pressure on the nerve root, decompresses discs, and reduces pain.

  1. Therapeutic stretches

These stretches are recommended after an injury to prevent the forming of scar tissues. Continuing with these exercises after the injury, heals ensures that the tissues are flexible with increased mobility and no risk of new injuries.

  1. Soft tissue manual therapy

These tissue therapies are done to improve the tissues’ functions. They include the Active Release Technique and Graston Technique.

  1. Physical therapy modalities

It includes muscle stimulation, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, ultrasound, and ice heat therapy.

  1. Diet and nutritional counseling

The chiropractor designs a nutritional program that is specified to the patient’s needs. It helps maintain good health and minimize the risk of developing certain health conditions.

  1. Lifestyle modification counseling

The chiropractor advises patients on lifestyle choices and also teaches them how to manage pain. A chiropractor requires an image of the area on the patient’s body on which treatment is required. These images enable the chiropractor to have a clear picture of the issue and know how to treat it successfully. The chiropractor annotates the x-ray images and focuses on the particular areas of misalignment. These images may be captured by traditional x-ray machines or modern x-ray equipment.

The difference between digital x-ray machines and traditional x-ray machines is;

Digital x-rays machines do not use a film. They use electromagnetic sensors to capture clear images of the patient’s tissues and bones. These images are then projected on the chiropractor’s computer screen. They can be used immediately.

The traditional x-ray machine works like a camera but uses electromagnetic waves instead of light to develop an image on film. These waves are absorbed into the patient’s body and leave an imprint on the body structure. This visual imprint is developed then analyzed by the chiropractor.

Reasons Why Digital X-rays Are Better Than Traditional X-rays

  • Digital x-rays in Manhattan, KS, expose the patient to less radiation compared to traditional x-rays. This reduces the patient’s chances of developing radiation-related cancer.
  • The results of modern x-rays are available immediately after taking the x-ray, thus ensuring that the patient is diagnosed quickly. Traditional x-rays take a longer time to develop in the darkroom.
  • Digital x-rays are unlimited in number, and the chiropractor can send the images electronically where they are required. Traditional x-rays can only be a certain limited number of copies. If the patient is seeing several doctors, they will be forced to take more x-rays.
  • Modern x-rays offer more insight into the patient’s condition since images can be zoomed or rotated by the chiropractor. Traditional x-rays are viewed under a magnifying glass if the chiropractor must view minute details on the images.
  • Digital x-rays are not harmful to the environment compared to traditional x-rays. Traditional x-rays require water and chemicals, which are used to process the films. These chemicals are not environmentally friendly.
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