Extremity Chiropractic Care

Your arms and legs undergo a tremendous amount of work daily, from lifting and carrying to facilitating your movements. Beyond the strain of everyday activities, they are also susceptible to injury, particularly if you engage in sports, hobbies that place stress on them, or have a job requiring frequent use. Fortunately, Premier Chiropractic & Wellness, serving Manhattan, KS, and the surrounding areas, offers chiropractic care to aid in healing and alleviate pain.


Types of Extremity Problems We Address

Take your shoulder, for example; it's the most mobile joint in your body. Engaging in sports or having an occupation that places demands on your elbow can put it at risk. The Mayo Clinic reports that an average person takes 3,000 to 4,000 steps per day, emphasizing the strain on knees and ankles, especially when lacking supportive footwear. Additionally, injuries to extremities can result from personal accidents, such as falls or car accidents.

Here are some examples of the extremity issues we can address:

1. Tennis elbow

2. Runner's knee

3. Arthritis in the elbow, knees, or ankles

4. Frozen shoulder

5. Carpal tunnel

Diagnosing Your Extremity Problem

Since numerous factors can affect your extremities, we initiate your chiropractic appointment with a comprehensive diagnostic process. Beginning with a physical examination, our practitioner observes your movement in the affected area, applies gentle pressure to assess for swelling or similar issues, and reviews your medical history. In some cases, this examination is sufficient for a diagnosis, while in others, imaging may be necessary.

Treatment for Extremity Issues

The treatment approach we adopt depends on the assessment results. For example, if you have a misaligned joint, our chiropractor can realign it, relieving pressure on surrounding nerves and soft tissues, subsequently reducing your symptoms. Chiropractic exercises are another common treatment we employ. Our chiropractor will guide you through exercises targeting the specific body part, promoting healing, enhancing flexibility and function, and improving circulation.

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