Chiropractic Activator Vs. Manual: Which Is Optimal When Providing Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Activator Vs. Manual: Which Is Optimal When Providing Chiropractic Care

Oct 01, 2021

Perhaps the best aspect of chiropractic care is the various approaches adopted by specialists. When providing chiropractic care, the practitioners may choose between manual or activator-assisted adjustments. Both methods have their unique benefits and downsides that are worth a mention.

When the chiropractor in Manhattan, KS, provides chiropractic care, they may use their hands for manual adjustments or a tiny instrument called an activator. Which of the two methods are optimal for delivering the treatments patients need? Often chiropractors using the activator method encounter patients who didn’t have an impressive experience with the earlier activators. It is why you must ensure the chiropractor you visit is adjustor certified, which the Manhattan chiropractor is.

The Activator Method: What Is It?

Many kinds of neck pain, back pain, headaches are treated with the help of a diagnostic treatment system called the activator method. This method shares the same goal as manual adjustments to align the patient’s spine for the better overall functionality of their body.

The chiropractor near me utilizes this technique to perform adjustments using a handheld instrument called activator adjusting, providing the same forces as hands without the need to twist or turn the patient’s body. Instead, the chiropractor works on the tissue around the problem areas as the patient lies down on their face by tapping the spring-loaded device initially with minimal pressure followed by a quick thrust.


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Why Are Some Chiropractors using Activators?

Activators are designed to replicate the effects of manual spinal adjustments. The chiropractor 66503 uses the instrument because it provides an accurate way of manipulating the spine. In addition, the patient does not experience tense muscles during the treatment because of the speed of the instrument.

Research suggests activators are also capable of localizing therapy even to a single vertebra. The study indicates that every adjustment with the activator offers a similar amount of forces as manual realignments while focusing the treatment to a smaller and concise area.

How Does the Activator Technique Function?

Protocols are in place advising chiropractors when to use or avoid the activator technique and where. The protocols include evaluating a patient, reflex testing, and even leg length testing to detect particular spinal joint dysfunction.

After evaluating the patient, the chiropractor in Manhattan applies the activator instruments to the tissues near or around the affected joint. The patient experiences some initial pressure followed by quick thrusts from the device, similar to when doctors test reflexes of a knee.

Patients do not experience any turning or pulling when the chiropractic clinic in Manhattan uses the activator technique. After completing the adjustments, the chiropractor evaluates the patients for signs of correction. The activator technique is used in tandem with various other alignment techniques by the Manhattan chiropractor. The activator technique requires one thrust for every affected tissue area for encouraging realignment of the spine. However, experienced practitioners do not apply this treatment repeatedly in the same area during a single session.

Benefits Of the Activator Technique

The benefits of the activator techniques allow the chiropractor to localize treatment with speed and efficiency because the instrument permits it. The activator offers better accuracy and shorter times per session. Some evidence is available to prove the activator delivers an increase in pain reduction over manual manipulations. Therefore proponents of this technique are optimistic.

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Drawbacks Of Using the Activator Method in Chiropractic Practice

The activator method requires the petitioner to invest in additional equipment and maintenance. The additional investment may reflect in the overall cost of treatments delivered to patients.

Chiropractic Activator Vs. Manual

Patients can expect benefits from both manual adjustments and the activator technique. Like every chiropractor in the business, the professional in Manhattan initially learned manual spinal manipulation. The initial learning gave the professional a firm grasp on the benefits and this method of treatment. The chiropractor uses this technique on patients who aren’t enthusiastic about turning and tugging during manual manipulations. Therefore patients appreciate the activator method.

However, it doesn’t downgrade manual manipulations because the activator technique delivers gentle impulses into vertebral segments, although being comfortable for many patients is specific to every case. Therefore the optimal way to determine whether patients will benefit from manual or chiropractic activators is best left to the practitioner because the professional has the experience necessary to decide which system best suits a particular patient.

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