How to Prevent Back Pain When Working from Home?

How to Prevent Back Pain When Working from Home?

Jun 05, 2020

Back pain is a common reason why people visit a doctor. The back is the body’s main support structure. Most homes have inadequate space to facilitate office furniture and also most people don’t invest in office furniture if they do most of their work in the office. Many people working from home are likely to lack a healthy posture.

Back problems can be caused by bad habits like:

  • Poor posture, such as sitting wrongly at a desk
  • Repeating a similar motion or overdoing it
  • Pulling, pushing or lifting things incautiously

Symptoms of Back Pain

  • Stiffness or persistent aching along the spine
  • Localized and sharp pain on the upper back, neck or lower back, mostly after involvement in strenuous activity or after raising heavy objects.
  • Chronic ache either in the lower or middle back, after sitting or standing for long periods.
  • Feeling pain when standing straight or muscle spasm on the lower back

How to Prevent Back Pain?

  • Sit back in your chair

Lordosis is a relaxed posture especially to the lower back and puts the intervertebral discs around that area experience less pressure. Lordosis posture is attained by not sitting upright and hunching backward in the chair. You should sit in a way that supports the lordotic curve of the lumbar spine. If your chair lacks good support for your lower-back, you can use a rolled-up towel or a cushion.

  • You should have a time limit when working on your bed

A bed is worse than a chair this because when sitting on the bed, you might cross your legs or extend the horizontally so that they can provide support to your laptop. This is way low for you to view a screen therefore making you to hunch over. If the only option, you have is your bed you can place a pillow right behind your back and put a cushion on your lap and place your laptop on top of it. If your father works from home, you can buy him a low table for his laptop as a gift on father’s day.

  • Stretching

Muscles can become tight over time creating pain that reduces mobility. When sitting the hips flex, your shoulders hunch, your chest caves and then your head leans forward, this makes the body muscles to become tight and short. When working, in every one hour take about five minutes to exercise. Stretching your hamstrings and glutes helps to alleviate tightness in your back especially the lower part.

  • Avoid bad postures

There are no perfect postures that can last for long periods of time. Some postures put too much stress in areas that are vulnerable. Propping your head up while lying down puts a lot of pressure on the neck. Slouching strains, the lower back and can be problematic for someone who gets back pain. Try keeping your spine in a position that is neutral (the hollow arch located in the lower back is preserved).

  • Basics of a desk set-up

Adjust the monitors height so as to uphold a level gauze and make the neck stress free. Objects like books can be used to elevate the height of the computer or laptop. To avoid poking your head towards the screen trying to read some words you can either put on computer glasses or increase the size of the text.

  • Have a schedule for your workday

Plan activities that alter your movements and posture at different times during the day. If you plan to do desk work, try breaking that up by doing tasks that are associated with you getting out of the chair such as picking calls while standing.

  • View paper documents with your neck straight

If you need to shift viewing from the computer or laptop to a different reading material like an iPad or documents, you can use a stand for the iPad or document holder for the document.

Here are some few tips on how to sit to prevent back pain

  • Avoid crossing your legs
  • Change your sitting position after half an hour
  • Position your body weight uniformly across your hips

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