Turning Breech Babies: Webster Technique.

Turning Breech Babies: Webster Technique.

Sep 01, 2021

Feet-first or breech presentation is said to affect up to 4 percent of full-term deliveries. When a baby is detected to be breech, the obstetrician must either try to turn the baby headfirst in the weeks before birth or go ahead perform a cesarean section for safe delivery.

It is possible that asides from surgery and other manipulation methods of breech delivery, chiropractic care can be employed to turn breech babies before delivery and this is known as Webster Technique.

But how can this happen? Who carries out the procedure? Is it safe for both baby and mother? This article will settle these in the case that you also have such questions.

What Is The Webster Technique?

The Webster method is named after a specific form of chiropractic care during pregnancy, with this technique specifically focused on the sacrum and the pelvis and also the muscles and ligaments in and around these areas.

The primary goal of Webster-certified practitioners, however, is to address misalignments or subluxations to make more room in the pelvis. This technique was developed in the 1980s by a chiropractor named Dr. Larry Webster who was inspired after his daughter had a difficult delivery and sought to find ways how chiropractic care could settle the pelvis and thereafter ease labor and delivery.

After the implementation of this technique, Dr. Webster noticed that breech babies turned into the vertex position before birth with regular chiropractic care, and subsequently, other chiropractors also had similar results. Eventually, the Webster Technique thus became a leading, non-invasive method for turning breech babies before birth, benefiting both the babies and their moms.

Do All Pregnant Women Need The Webster Technique?

No, not all women are candidates for this technique.

Chiropractic care via the Webster method can be considered when a pregnant woman has:

  • A breach fetus
  • A history of breech babies
  • Other concerns with the sacrum or pelvis during pregnancy

The technique is an alternative to and may be less invasive than the external cephalic version procedure which is traditionally used more by doctors and obstetricians to turn the head of breech babies down.

When you need to seek care throughout your entire pregnancy as a preventative measure, or anytime any specific issue comes up, and an intervention is needed, you can seek chiropractors certified in webster technique near you, or you visit a Chiropractor in 66503, or the Chiropractor clinic in Manhattan KS.

How Is The Chiropractic Technique Carried Out?

When you go for your appointment, your chiropractor will give you a special pregnancy pillow for you to be able to lie face down on the chiropractic table. This pillow has a cut-out in the center so that your body can be supported and your baby has room.

While you are still lying down, your chiropractor will make an assessment beginning with taking a look at both of your feet and then bending them up towards the buttocks to see if they meet evenly. If there are imbalances seen, it may mean your pelvis is out of alignment. Otherwise, you may be asked to turn over for evaluation of any misalignments seen on the front side of your body. Most of the work done on the front side of the body tends to be more of massaging soft tissue, like the muscles of the abdomen and ligaments around the uterus.

What is done is the creation of spaces in the pelvis so your baby can more freely move into an optimal position on their own and so don’t be surprised if your chiropractor doesn’t attempt to turn your baby.

After your appointment is over, hydration to aid with healing, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage is important.

Webster Technique: Any Risks Involved?

The Webster technique is considered relatively safe. However, a challenge could be that chiropractic care is not always covered under health insurance. Hence, before making an appointment, be sure to check ahead to find out how much it costs and how much you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

Also, some situations exist where chiropractic care may not be appropriate for you or advised. Some of the health conditions are:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta previa or placental abruption
  • Moderate to severe preeclampsia.

It is best to always go to a Chiropractor certified in Webster technique when you need one, so you can get the best of care.

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