Ways to Move Around More at the Office

Ways to Move Around More at the Office

Jan 16, 2020

When you sit at a desk all day for work, it exerts pressure on the discs of the neck and back, which can cause pain. Plus, sitting frequently also tightens and can eventually shorten the hip flexor muscles, as well as restrict blood flow to the buttock muscles, which help support the back. To prevent being in pain and the complications of sitting too much, here are some ways to move around more at the office.

Reduce Pain and Complications with Movement

Chiropractors at Premier Chiropractic & Wellness in Manhattan, KS advise most clients to move more to help reduce back pain and allow their blood to flow unrestricted throughout their bodies. If you’re stuck at a desk throughout your workday, ask for a standing desk that moves positions so you can sit or stand while you’re working. Also, use these other suggestions to move more during your day.

Stand and Stretch

To reduce back pain and keep blood flowing, stand at your desk and stretch your muscles every hour. You can also stand while you’re speaking with clients or vendors on the telephone to be more productive while stretching your body. To keep your back and body healthy, visit one of our chiropractors at Premier Chiropractic & Wellness in Manhattan, KS.

Stand to Check Email

Between phone calls, meetings, and working on projects, you probably check your email several times a day. When you go to check it, stand to read it. By doing this, you may cut back on the times per day that you check it, which increases productivity. Standing will also give your body a break and allow your hip, back, and buttock muscles to stretch.

Suggest Walking Meetings

Instead of sitting during meetings, ask your manager or supervisor to schedule walking or standing meetings. Whether it is outside on a nice day or laps around the interior of the office, groups can discuss what they need to while exercising and getting the blood flowing.

If you’re experiencing back pain, schedule an adjustment with our chiropractors at Premier Chiropractic & Wellness. One of our chiropractors can assess your spine and make the adjustments that will stop your back or pain. Call us to make an appointment.

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